About Me

I am a software developer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba with a passion for crafting. Lately I have been working a lot with Node.js but I also love writing code in Python. I also have a love for writing and exploring this amazing world of computing as it evolves. Check out my Medium articles for some of my thoughts.

Recent Work

Idea Generator

Built using Express and React and containerized using Docker. This app takes two lists and generates a random business idea for the user.


Stands for 'Discord Image Posting'-Bot. Written in Python3 this bot will post images hosted on the server to a discord channel on a set interval. User can set frequency and amount of posts that get sent to discord.

Joke Bot

Built in NestJS and React this bot will tell a knock knock joke or learn one from the user, saving to its database. Containerized to run in Docker.

Article: The Ethical Computer Professional

Article on the ethics of computer professionals such as programmers. Featured in the artificial intelligence magazine Becoming Human

Get In Touch

If you would like to contact me about a possible project please reach out via LinkedIn